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Digital at the service of the Smart Building

The Build 4 Use team presents its new innovation, SHYRKA

Your future exponential source of added heritage value.

SHYRKA is a multi-service platform,web and mobileWhoresponds todigital assistance human needs, participates indevelopment of well-being at work, it is also a support forchange managementbehaviors towards more thanenergy sobrietyand give informationreal times,historicalAndforecast

Its role will be toinformthe user, theadviseon the procedure to follow in the event of an anomaly identified,to acton the equipment before the intervention of a professional if necessary and finallyto expectpotential future anomalies.

Cost reduction, time saving and energy saving are the advantages you will enjoy if you decide to use it in your buildings. 

Equipped with8services

  • building health,

  • Energy management,

  • space reservation,

  • Comfort remote control,

  • Management of electric vehicle terminals,

  • Digital Concierge,

  • occupancy flow,

  • Indoor Geoguiding,

She will accompany you in all your life experiences at work.

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Tell us what service(s)

would put-you in your buildings.

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